How we think about commercializing data

In various datasets, some common heuristics for identifying edges include considering factors like momentum, volume selling, and carry. The majority of edges can be simplified to the strategy of buying what is rising and selling what is declining, across different timeframes and with the application of cross-sectional filters. It’s helpful to create some plots for easy backtesting and to visualize the leading predictive effects in your data. When it comes to monetizing data, the process is quite similar to B2B sales. It requires lead time and persistent follow-ups. Offering data trials to demonstrate the value of your data is an effective approach before moving forward with negotiating a data sales contract.

What we offer for financial research services

(1) We provide advice on how to make alternative data useful for both perspectives of buyers and sellers of data. (2) We put on a trader’s lens to partner with Clyde & Co Singapore to work on any legal matter relating to data protection and contracts. (3) We take on request research on your data to help to seek out alpha and to comment on the usefulness of your data.

Selected case studies

Our recent work has revolved around energy and macro trading, facilitating the sales of data between sellers and buyers, which includes physical traders, hedge funds, and investment banks. We have also been designing automated algo trading systems for crypto and US equities. We look forward to engaging in conversations about these with you.