We are a electronic trading business (incl: crypto hft mm). Here are some principles that drive us at Latent.

This drives the the business. Having a fundamental edge is essential, we think of what others are doing indifferently, position to take the other side and repeat.

Risk management is often positioning to survive permutations of what could knock you out, staying in position to extract alpha and being return efficient with capital.

With limited productive hours in a day and with blue ocean opportunities, we are highly selective about how we spend our time and energy, often finding the sweet spot with consideration to resources and objectives.

When it comes to selecting frameworks and tech stacks, we opt for simplicity, and efficiency over needless complexity. We welcome “wrappers” and open source. We look at Python, JIT compilers and Rust for trading development.

We listen with an open mind and explore both curiously and broadly to discover what works, which includes a lot of reading and testing.

We believe that choosing the right direction of work to focus on is crucial and to kindle this with focus, leverage and time.

We try to give back by sponsoring tech businesses that improve the quality of life of people and also through offering tech and business advice to those who can benefit.