We are known for being the maker of Chatleh and our Financial Research Services. Here are some principles that drive us at Latent.

We operate without external investors or a board of directors, granting us the freedom to make decisions that we believe are right. This also means we must fully own our business choices. We are to empowered offer clients unbiased and effective advice, and useful features for our users, free from the excessive conflict constraints of larger firms.

Our focus is on building a sustainable, innovative business, rather than chasing vanity metrics. We offer value to our clients and charge a fair margin for the value. We try to replicate success with similar client profiles.

With limited productive hours in a day, we are highly selective about how we spend our time and energy. We forgo unnecessary meetings, events, calls, and travel to concentrate on tasks that promise the greatest short and long-term returns for clients and users.

We value concise, clear, and precise communication, avoiding jargon and lengthy sentences. Authenticity is key in our interactions, ensuring that our dealings with clients and counterparts are personalized and genuine, not automated.

When it comes to selecting frameworks, architectural designs, and tech stacks, we opt for simplicity, affordability, and efficiency over needless complexity. Our goal is to get the job done effectively, rather than to impress with overly complicated solutions.

We believe that choosing the right work to focus on is more crucial than the number of hours spent. Our work ethic is strong, but it is also deliberate – we are conscious about the direction of work.