Tips on scaling a tech startup

Most founders should consider whether they are trying to (1) force a solution onto a problem, a common issue with AI today and with the integration of web3 into various sectors in recent years. Even if there is a genuine problem, they need to (2) determine whether it is a marketable problem that many people are willing to pay to solve (ref: Excuse me, is there a problem?). They should also consider whether the problem can be economically addressed by combining existing tools rather than developing a new solution from scratch. Often, the most suitable clients for tech development work are those with unique insights into their industry and niche strategies for acquiring new customers profitably, assuming they have the cash flow to undertake the risks associated with tech development.

What we offer for tech consulting

We provide (1) tech consulting for system and product design, new product development and AI integrations. We also offer the option for (2) performant full stack development and to help to build full remote engineering teams via our partner HR firm Worknetics. We come in as a consultant to work with contractors and technical staff on your behalf.

Our opinionated choice of preferred tech stack (2024):

Building is only half of the endeavor, marketing is the other half. We can also advise on complementary go-to-market strategies suitable for your business.

Selected Case Studies

Following are some tech projects which we have built and are able to share.

We also have other engagements with government entities, MNCs and startups for on data scraping & analytics, and blockchain & NFTs work.


Digital Assets On-chain Payment Gateway and Accounting Platform


AI Co-Pilot for Telegram

Email Discovery Tool

Email Address Scraping & Prospecting Tool

Latent Workers

AI Automated Content Creation with SEO Objectives